Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sound Walk

Street fair --- walking down the street fair I hear many random snippets of conversations, many different conversations in many languages, there is the constant sound of street vendors clinking their cooking utensils, as well as the ruffling of plastic bags as goods are exchanged there are children shouting as they lose their balloons to the sky. Street vendors are competing, shouting their prices to win customers over the neighboring stands, the shouts are probably one of the loudest there, the vendors know that to attract any real attention they must be louder than the crowd of people around them. Garbage cans being rolled around by the cleanup crews create a monotonous rumbling sound. The rumbling sound of generators adds to the ambience as well. The various conversations create a constant mumble, making it almost impossible to discern any particular voice from another. The sounds of people's voices all share one thing in common though, they all seem to sound happy. There is the occasional crying child, but for the most part the mood of the crowd seems to be good natured. The grills of the food stands create an underlying sizzling noise, and even though it is very much in the background, it is still very noticeable. The ambience of the street fair puts everyone in a jovial mood, the sounds all clash together, but at the same time meld together as one. Without all the sounds together a street fair would not be the same. Many people would find the various sounds annoying, but I believe it is necessary in a street fair environment.