Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog 3

I felt that the structure of this “movie” project was much too strict. I would definitely had liked to have made a project with a much more linear structure. Having class time to film on these low quality cameras really didn't cut it for me. I have always been somewhat interested in making films, but not in this manner. This form of filmmaking relates much more to documentary style film, and while I do enjoy watching documentaries I did not really enjoy this process very much. I think if we had the choice to do a short film of our own on something of our choice, things would have been much more interesting. A short film is much more interesting to me compared to an interview with your project partner with a slideshow of images and video clips behind it. I can see why this project is important but I think it could definitely be done in a much different way. If we could just make a short film with a narrative things could have been much more fun and interesting. I think we should have had more in class time to film the videos. This project seemed to be seventy percent audio and thirty percent film. The audio portion definitely overshadowed the video.